Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric is a true revolution in faux leather upholstery. The first truly cleanable faux leather with a hand and tactile feel closest to real leather, with a vast array of patterns and colors from which to choose
Products Shown:
  1. Clockwise: Carry on in Mercury Carry On-11, Carry on in Titanium Carry On-21, Carry on in Bronze Carry On-106, Carry on in Jet Set Carry On-8
  2. Bottom Left to top right: Thriller in Rose Gold Thriller-624, Thriller in Gold Rush Thriller-14, Thriller in Waterfall Thriller-135, Thriller in Titanium Thriller-811, Thriller in Vanilla Ice Thriller-1
  3. Left to right: Rocket Man in Sultan Rocket Man-619, Rocket Man in Zinc Rocket Man-11, Rocket Man in Lucky Penny Rocket Man-24, Rocket Man in Mica Rocket Man-116, Rocket Man in Bronzed Rocket Man-430