Crypton Incase Guaranteed In Stock Performance Textures
Kravet Contract introduces Crypton Incase Guaranteed In Stock Performance Textures. Recommended for upholstery use, the fabrics in this collection feature INCASE performance finishes and offer textures and patterns in a stunning range of colors. As part of the Kravet Guaranteed In Stock Program, this collection guarantees immediate shipment from our warehouses for orders of 100 yards or less. If for any reason these fabrics are not in stock, and do not ship within 14 business days, Kravet will ship the fabrics overnight at no charge.
Products Shown:
  1. Bottom Rolls (left to right): 34636-13, 34629-11, 34634-523, 34635-11; Top Rolls (left to right): 34632-505, 34637-1511