This value priced collection presents a versatile range of on-trend woven designs. Easy-to-use and stylish color palettes include soft, distinctive shades and playful hues. The collection features ideal designs for hospitality and healthcare settings, including small and medium-scale transitional and geometric patterns.
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  1. Top to bottom: Logic in Mulberry 34660-10, Victory in Kiwi 34658-23, Tiempo in Mineral 34651-11, Benefit in Quarry 34664-11, Benefit in Pool 34664-15, Azumi in Domino 34653-81, Entry in Neptune 34655-5, Tiempo in Pop 34651-814, Fearless in Tamale 34663-24, Grab Bag in Pop 34656-813, Match Maker in Neptune 34650-835, Party Line in Hypnotic 34654-521, Grab Bag in Rainforest 34656-35
  2. Top to bottom:Match Maker 34650-814, Tiempo in Pop 34651-814, Off the Grid Pop 34648-521
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